FREE Halloween Download

Who doesn’t love something free? I know I’m a sucker for a free item. I always tell my husband, “if it’s less than $5 it’s practically free!” He doesn’t agree with me but it makes perfect sense to me! In […]


I love weddings. Love. Love. Love them! I enjoy them even more when I get to be a part of someone’s special day. One of my dear friends married her best friend on Saturday and she couldn’t have been more […]

3 Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

  Gosh this post subject took me a while to come up with 3 things about me that I am most proud of to have as part of my personality. I would come up with one and then say “…but […]

My 10 Favorite Foods

Onto another post for the 31 Day Challenge…my favorite foods.  I love food.  All kinds of foods.  I’m willing to try most anything….except bugs…even if they’re chocolate covered I will not eat them.  Maybe – and I use the work […]

Rules for Being Human

I have this client that always brings me an inspirational printout of some sort whenever she pops in to see me.  Today she brought me the Rules for Being Human. I thought it appropriate to share as sometimes, we all […]

My Guilty Pleasure

…is coffee. I. Love. Coffee. Like, my day does not start without coffee. On the weekends, and occasionally during the week, my husband will start the Keurig with my favorite brew and it is ready and piping hot for me […]

Meaning of My Business Name – Creative Nut Media

On to challenge day #3 of the 31-Day Challenge with the big question – what is the meaning of my business name? That’s an easy one.  I had originally named my design business KABdesigns (Kathy Anne Britton Designs – my maiden […]

12 Facts About Me

So I must tell you that I have started a “31 Day Blog Challenge” that I found on Pinterest.  I’ve been wanting to blog more and I think this will probably help me stay on track.  Either way we can […]

The Nutty Blog – A Belated Intro

Okay so maybe I’m a little late in the game for an introduction to The Nutty Blog, but better late than never, right?  Here you’re going to find a little bit of everything – recipes, Pinterest DIY projects that I’ve […]

8 Creative Ways to use Your Business Cards

When a client is starting up a new business, I am often asked “Do people still really use business cards?”  YES! Absolutely.  Business cards are a timeless and effective way of networking.  However, in this digital age, the way we’ve […]